The Ministry of Defence Malaysia is in the midst of preparing Malaysia’s first ever Defence White Paper (DWP). This historical document main purpose is to inform the public on the Ministry’s priorities and future plans to enhanced Malaysia’s defence and security. The Ministry views defence and security are all encompassing. It calls from a wholesome effort which includes involvement from the society at large.


The DWP is a manifestation of statement by the government of its intents, capacity and visions for future National Defence Policy. The DWP sets out the Government’s expectations for Defence over the coming decades. Publishing national policy symbolises a government’s commitment to the principles of democracy. Hence, many countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, France and Germany have undertaken similar moves in publishing their DWPs periodically.

Hence, the Government’s aspiration in regards to the vision and way forward of achieving a national strategy for security and defence needs to be explored. The possibility of positioning and projecting Malaysia as a middle power is worth discussing. DWP will function as yet another element which will enhance the nation’s geopolitical profile within today’s global security and defence landscape.


In order to reach out to a wide range of opinions and aspirations, we would be very honoured and delighted if all Malaysian’s, could be part of the team and share your ideas and comments. Your views in this process is much appreciated and your contribution will certainly increase the creadibility and legitimacy of the 1st Malaysia’s DWP. This will ensure a coordinated and streamlined approach in addressing various security challenges


The DWP will eventually become a public document, to serve as guidance to the society about defence policy planning. A visible concept of defence policy will promote transparent administrative governance whilst embracing openness and accountability in the government procurement process for the Malaysian Armed Forces defence capability development plan. Moreover, a transparent DWP concept of development will ultimately form an integrated commitment for the society to equally assume responsibility to defend the nation in line with the “Total Defence” concept (HANRUH).



The Defence White Paper (DWP) mechanism / instrument for engagement has been divided into 3 categories as follows:


This category is devoted to individuals specializing in specific subject areas (Subject Matter Expert (SME)). They are Malaysia's 'Think-Tank'. A total of 16 questions were provided and were individually distributed to SMEs selected according to their respective expertise. The questions provided are related into six main themes, in order to get their views on; the Rational of Defence White Paper; Strategic View; Future Trends; Future Force; Budget, Procurement and Defence Industry; and the Total Defence (HANRUH). All SMEs are required to forward their Commentary to MiDAS PORTAL on predetermined dates. All Comments received by MiDAS will be displayed in MiDAS PORTAL upon the Author's approval. All Malaysians are open to express their opinions or comment on this Commentary.  This category is devoted to all Public Servants in Malaysia, either serving with the Federal Government, State Government and Defence Industry Player. A total of 7 questions have been prepared and have been distributed online at MiDAS PORTAL. All Public Servants are also free to choose any questions which they prefered to answer, and free to express their views regarding the titles. The views given should be in writing and contain at least between 200 and 300 words. Please forward your view to MiDAS PORTAL before 29 March 2019, online.  This category is dedicated to all Malaysians. All Malaysians are encouraged to participate in this Survey. All questions prepared are objective questions using the Survey method. The Survey Form has been downloaded into the MiDAS PORTAL. Please forward all completed Survey Forms, to MiDAS PORTAL before 29 March 2019. This Survey Form will be also available at DWP Booth at Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2019 (LIMA'19), which will commence from 26 to 30 March 2019. Please return the Survey Form before leaving LIMA'19 location  



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