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Why We Need a Defence White Paper? Dr Karminder Singh Dhillon
Gen Tan Sri (Dr) Hashim Mohd Ali (Retired)
Cdr Chandramohan a/l Balakrishnan RMN
Malaysia Defence Policy: Past, Present and Future Lt Col Ahmad Ghazali Abu-Hassan (Retired)
US and China: Big Powers Rivalry and Averting the Thucydides Trap Dr Sharifah Munirah Alatas (UKM)
Dr Joseph Chinyong Liow (RSIS)
South China Sea -“ Mahathir Doctrine” and How to Avoid It Being a Theatre of Conflict Dr Muhammad Danial bin Azman (UM)
Dr Rizal Abdul Kadir (MIMA)
Defence Preparedness in Non-Traditional Security and the War of the Future

Muhamad Nur Lokman bin Redzuan
Dr Muhammad Danial bin Azman (UM)
Lt Cdr (Rtd) Chia Won Chee RMN
ASEAN and Regional Security Architecture: Malaysia Playing a Constructive Role Dr Chandra Muzaffar
Reviewing of the Force Structure to Ensure Agility and Jointness Lt Col Ahmad Ghazali Abu-Hassan (Retired)
 Assoc. Professor Dr Adam Leong Kok Wey
Our Seapower : Malaysia as a Maritime Nation Sumathy Permal
Prof Dr Kamarulnizam Abdullah
Projecting Malaysia as a Middle Power: How Defence Diplomacy Complements Our Foreign Policy Agenda Ms Farlina Said (ISIS Malaysia)
Assoc Prof Farish A. Noor
Malaysia Defence White Paper 2019
Mr Ahmad Syah Ejaz bin Ismail
Caring For Our Defence, Military Personnel and Upholding Our Professionalism  Lt Gen Datuk Dr William Stevenson
 Lt Kol Ahmad Ghazali bin Abu Hassan (Retired)
 Dr Muhammad Danial Azman (University of Malaya)
Defence Industry - Making Innovation Works
 Dr. Ngeow Chow Bing
 Associate Professor Ir Dr Yang Soo Siang 2
Mr Nazery Khalid, Boustead Holdings Berhad
Middle Power and Malaysia’s International Peace Contribution
 Capt. Martin A. Sebastian RMN (R)
Malaysia as Peace Ambassador
 Captain Martin A. Sebastian RMN (R)
Defence Procurement and Budget - Assessing Needs, Increasing Transparency
 Lt Kol Ahmad Ghazali bin Abu Hassan
 Datuk Dr. Anis Yusal Yusoff
Attracting the Right Talents for The Defence Sector and Promoting the Culture of Diversity
 Datuk Dr. Anis Yusal Yusoff
 Associate Professor Ir Dr Yang Soo Siang
Prof Dr Kamarulnizam Abdullah



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