Blue Ocean Strategy Center

Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) Centre is responsible to coordinate the implementation plan amongst MINDEF agencies, MAF and Services. The centre is responsible to carry out the following functions:

  1. Promote understanding of BOS concept and practice.
  2. Inculcate the concept of BOS into MINDEF strategic thinking and defence and security strategy and policy research efforts.
  3. Facilitate education efforts on BOS throughout MINDEF agencies.

National Blue Ocean Strategy 2 (see attachment)

  1.     Military Taking Over Border Operators
  2.     Training of Police Personnel Using Military Facilities
  3.     Recruitment of Ex-Military Personnel into Royal Malaysia Police
  4.     Joint Patrols by MAF and RMP
  5.     Community Rehabilitation Centre

National Blue Ocean Strategy 3 (see attachment)

  1.     Building Rural Basic Infrastructure (Housing & Water Supply) - MRRD/MAF
  2.     Engaging Rural Labour For High Value-added Economic Activities on Unused Govt Lands - MOA

National Blue Ocean Strategy 4 (see attachment)

Expansion of RTCs, mini-RTCs/Converting JKKKs into rural transformation agents - MRRD/MOA

National Blue Ocean Strategy 5 (see attachment)

Urban Transformation Centres (UTC) - MOF

National Blue Ocean Strategy 6 (see attachment)

  1.     1Malaysia Privilege Card - MDTCC
  2.     Mobile KR1M - MDTCC
  3.     1Malaysia Skills and Employability Programme - MOHR
  4.     1Malaysia Family First/1Malaysia Youth Empowerment & Support - MOWFCD
  5.     Micro-PPP and Developing Long House Home-stay Program Using Micro-PPPs - UKAS
  6.     My Kampung, My Future - MOA

National Blue Ocean Strategy 8 (see attachment)

  1.     Blue Ocean Policing - PDRM
  2.     Deployment of GOF to fight crime in hot-spots
  3.     Training of police and auxiliary police using military facilities and other gov't training centres
  4.     Creating user-friendly website to allow general public to report crime online
  5.     Joint patrol by the military and police/Recruitment of veterans by PDRM
  6.     Creative multiplication of police presence/Plain clothes policing
  7.     1AMAN Campaign
  8.     Second Wave Blue Ocean Policing: Uniformed Policing 2 - MAF/PDRM/MOHA
  9.     Sharing of Resources and Responsibilities between MAF and PDRM
  10.     Expansion of Community Rehabilitation Programme (CRP)
  11.     Military Community Partnership - MAF, PDRM & Resident Associations
  12.     Program Remaja Berwawasan
  13.     Military Community Transformation Centres (MCTCs) - MAF
  14.     Offer a range of government services and social activities
  15.     Make MCTCs and PERNAMA part of the UTC - RTC Network
  16.     Offer idle land to do high - value community farming
  17.     Offer comprehensive entrepreneurship support to family members
  18.     Promote volunteering activities
  19.     Military Community Voluteering Days - MAF

National Blue Ocean Strategy 9

  1. 1Malaysia Enterpreneurs (1MET)
  2. MaGIC
  3. Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs Network (BOE)
  4. Women Empowered for You (WE4U)
  5. Tourists First & Visit My Kampung
  6. UTC Community Service Desk

National Blue Ocean Strategy 10

  1. Military Adventure World
  2. National Service 2.0
  3. Volunteering for International Professionals (VIP)
  4. Certified Security Guards (CSG)
  5. 1Malaysia Civil Service Retirement Support (1PESARA)
  6. 1Malaysia Mobile Hawkers
  7. My Best Buy (MBB)
  8. 1Community 4 You (1C4U)
  9. Volunteering for International Biodiversity Experts (VIBE)
  10. 1Malaysia Skills Training & Enhancement for The Rakyat (1MASTER)
  11. 1Malaysia Biodiversity Enforcement Operation Network (1MBEON)
  12. My Beautiful Malaysia (MyBM)
  13. Blue Ocean Communication on GST
  14. Community Transformation Centre (CTC)
  15. 1ASEAN Entrepreneurship Summit
  16. Malaysian National Development Strategy (MyNDS)

National Blue Ocean Strategy 11

  1. 1Malaysia Development Strategy
  2. Leading 'ASEAN for the People'
  3. 1Malaysia Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs
  4. 1Malaysia Youth Cities (1MYC)
  5. 1Malaysia Social Entrepreneurs (1MSET)
  6. Social Public-Private Partnerships
  7. 1Malaysia Customer Service for Civil Servant (1MCS2)
  8. Bio- Community Development Programme (BCDP)
  9. NBOS Ambassadors
  10. 1Malaysia Customer Service of Civil Servants (1SERVE)
  11. Mobile KR1M
  12. 1Malaysia Skills and Employablity Programme

National Blue Ocean Strategy 2015

  1. 1Malaysia Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs (1MBOE)
  2. Social Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  3. Bioeconomy Community Development Programme (BCDP)
  4. Sarawak NBOS - MyTV
  5. National Blue Ocean Branding
  6. Senior Volunteering Programme (SVP)
  7. Executing 11MP through NBOS Transformation Platform
  8. Transformation Platform
  9. Blue Ocean Leadership in Civil Service (BOLCS)
  10. PETRONAS' Participation in NBOS
  11. Community Support for School Teachers

National Blue Ocean Strategy 2016

  1. Malaysia Commercialisation Year (Jan)
  2. Bahasa Inggeris 1Malaysia (BI1M)(Feb)
  3. Coding @ Schools (Feb)
  4. Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs Town (Mac)
  5. Urban Launchpad for Youth (Mac)
  6. Pan-Malaysia Blue Ocean Cruiseferry (Apr)
  7. Volunteer Smartphone Patrol (Mei)
  8. My New School (Jun)
  9. Global Blue Ocean Awards (Jun)
  10. NBOS Alumni (Sep)
  11. Connecting The Unconnected (Sep)
  12. Blue Ocean Civil Service (Okt)
  13. My Beautiful New Home (Nov)
  14. Affordable Rental Homes for Urban Youth
  15. My Beautiful Malaysia 2.0
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