Palestine And Israel Conflict

19th May 2021

The world’s most complex conflict erupted, yet again. While the world is still focused on battling covid19 and economic recovery, the Palestinian-Israel conflict warrants global attention. At the time of writing, on Gaza's side, 192 people were killed, including 58 children, and on the Israeli side, ten people have been killed, including two children. Regardless of how many rockets are fired from Gaza and Israel pounding its bombs, the assured outcome is that there will be fatalities for both sides. Irrespective of the rights to defend, to protect and to retaliate, it can never justify the killing of civilians, especially children.

The P5 (United Nations Security Council) has yet to prioritise this conflict's urgency as intense as other political issues, namely the South China Sea. The longer it takes for the P5 to respond, the more severe of a humanitarian crisis it would be.

It has been said that war has to be fought for better politics. The question is how long this war will take before peace politics is on the table? The Palestinian and Israeli conflict is 73 years old now. So many calls and efforts for peace have been made, not even one, fruitful. This issue is very close to the hearts of millions of Muslims all over the world. For many years, Muslims have cried for their leaders to be united on the issue of Palestine, but history has shown that the cry has yet to be heard.

It has also been said that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. The latest escalation provides an opportunity for Muslim countries to put aside their differences and have one voice in this latest escalation—the call for all involved parties to silence their weapons so that the killings will stop.

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