What is MiDAS?

MiDAS is a research institute established by the Malaysian government to deal specifically with national, regional and global defence and security issues. It has four research centres that are supported by an Administration Department.

When was MiDAS established?

MiDAS was officially launched on 21 April 2010 and subsequently approved by the Cabinet of Malaysia on 17 December 2010.

What are MiDAS's motto, vision and mission?

Motto - Promoting Peace and security
Vision - To be an international center of excellence in defence and security research
Mission - To generate knowldege and information sharing in the sea of defence and security

Who are the principle stakeholders of MiDAS?

The principle stakeholders of MiDAS are Malaysian government agencies, the public, academia and all parties with interest in defence and security.

How does MiDAS promote its research works to its stakeholders?

MiDAS does so by submitting the reports of completed research projects to the respective stakeholders and beneficiaries of the projects. It also carries out presentation of its research findings to stakeholders and at seminars and conferences. In addition, it published its research findings through print and online platforms, and organises forums, seminars and conferences to showcase its research works.

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