6 August 2020, Kuala Lumpur: The first IDFR Lecture Series 1/2020 was held at the Impiana Hotel KLCC. The lecture was attended by all Deputy Secretary General of Malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ambassador's and high commissioner of various countries, IDFR courses participants,

representatives from various think tanks as well as various other government organisations. Malaysian Institute of Defence and Security (MiDAS) was represented by Director of Defence Diplomacy, Col. Sukiman; Director of Maritime Security, Capt. Saravanan; Cmdr. Mohd Azwandi and Miss Nor Aini, Assistant Director of Maritime Security respectively. The lecture was delivered by YAM Tunku Zain Al-Abidi ibni Tuanku Muhriz where by His highness started it by mentioning the current Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia and across the world followed by the political situation in the United States and the changes of government in Malaysia. After updating participants on the recent political events across the world especially in Malaysia, His highness drew the attention of participants to the history of Malay Sultanate from the era of the Srivijaya where the nation follows Hinduism to the Malacca Empire where nation followed the ruler and embraced Islam. Following that he highlighted three points on how Malaysia can heal itself. First, His Highness believe in the importance of adhering to agreement, constitution and policies as an example the importance of using Magna Carta to the formation of human right. Second, His highness emphasize that having platform for debate on controversial and provocative views is necessary in order to avoid civil war or nations protesting on the street and disrupting national economic. Third, important factor in healing the nation is the need for moral leadership. His highness, conclude that if Malaysia does not start healing itself now the country will be facing darker days ahead.

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