14th September 2021 14th September 2021 - MiDAS Executive Dialogue Serial 3/2021 titled “Regional Maritime Security Amidst Neo-security Challenges” was successfully organised by the Malaysian Institute of Defence and Security (MiDAS) online via Zoom platform.

The dialogue was delivered by Dr Asyura Salleh, Co-founder of the Global Awareness & Impact Alliance (GAIA), an organisation that conduct researches on emerging maritime security threats and Asian regional politics. The dialogue was moderated by Miss Nor Aini Binti Mohd Nordin, Assistant Director of Maritime Security, MiDAS.

Dr Asyura started by giving an overview of the content of her talk which covers the effect of pandemic vis a vis illegal anchoring, illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing as well as maritime drug trafficking. Following that, she talked about cultivating flexibility in response in which ASEAN has been successful and future prospects for maritime security in the region.

Overall the presentation clearly shines a new light on the neo-security challenge within the region i.e pandemic and how best do we manage the effect of such unprecedented challenges in the maritime domain. The talk generated a healthy discussion with participants posing numerous questions that require in-depth and detailed explanation from the speaker.

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