6th January 2022-Terrorism never sleeps! That was the message from Assoc. Prof. Dr Bilveer Singh, National University of Singapore (NUS), to the audience of the MiDAS Dialogue titled ‘Extremism and Terrorism in Southeast Asia: 2022 Forecasts’.

MiDAS began its 2022 activities with a discussion on reviewing and forecasting the threats of terrorism in the region. Assoc. Prof Dr Bilveer Singh argued that Covid19 has not ended but stalled terrorist activities in the region. Nonetheless, he said that Jemaah Islamiyah and Daesh remain a menace to the region. Based on his analysis, religious extremism and terrorism threats will continue to persist in the region. He also discussed future possible terrorist attack targets and the likely weapons. He stressed that women’s involvement in terrorism is on the rise and the need for Governments to take proactive measures to counter it.

MiDAS is grateful to have Assoc. Prof Dr Bilveer Singh as its first guest to kick start the year. The Institute looks forward to collaborating further with Assoc. Prof Dr Bilveer Singh in the future.

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