21st until 23rd March 2022 – The Track II Network of ASEAN Defence and Security Institutions (NADI) Annual Meeting on theme “The Commemoration of 15th Anniversary NADI:

Achievements, Challenges and Prospects” and 6th NADI Retreat was held virtually from MiDAS meeting room starting from 21st till 23rd March 2022. The annual meeting and retreats was organized by General Department of Policy and Foreign Affairs (GDPFA), Ministry of National Defense of Cambodia as a Chairman for NADI in 2022. Video conference was telecast from Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Chief Executive (Acting) of MiDAS, Mr Noor Hisham bin Rosle as head of delegation together with Kol Nik Amir bin Nik Yaacob and Lt kol Jumain Saadon RMAF as delegation, attended the annual meeting and retreat. Mr Noor Hisham bin Roslee had delivered a presentation in session III annual meeting based on topic of “Identifying Emerging Security Challenges in the next 5 years and Direction for Future ADMM and ADMM-Plus Cooperation”. Various issues have been discussed during annual meeting session I till session IV and also during retreat .This meeting has been chaired by NADI Cambodia and attended by all NADI members.

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