7th February 2024 -The Malaysian Institute of Defence and Security (MiDAS) hosted a seminar entitled ‘Leaderships and Management Perspective in C4ISR,’ facilitated by Advisory Intelligence (AI) Global, a distinguished strategic advisory firm with extensive experience in serving governmental and law enforcement entities. The event commenced with a courtesy call to Major General Dato' Hj Ya'cob bin Hj Samiran, Chief Executive of MiDAS by representatives from AI Global, headed by Assoc Col (CD) Dato' Prof Dr Ong Chin Liang.

The courtesy call was marked by a ceremonial signing in the MiDAS visitor book, followed by a commemorative photo session and an exchange of mementos, highlighting the collaborative spirit between the two entities.

The seminar itself unfolded at the MINDEF Library Auditorium, spanning from 0930 to 1300. Prof Dr Ong and Prof Dr Ng Kheng Lun led the presentation, delving into a series of thought-provoking topics essential to understanding leadership dynamics within the context of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR). The presentation encompassed an expansive array of subjects, beginning with an elucidation on military strategy expansion and its implications within contemporary frameworks. Furthermore, the discourse examined tangible examples of C4ISR applications, shedding light on its operational efficacy in diverse scenarios.

Central to the seminar's focus was the discussion surrounding the inherent nature of leadership required in the context of C4ISR operations. Profound insights were shared on the symbiotic relationship between leadership efficacy and the successful execution of C4ISR strategies. Furthermore, the presentation provided a comprehensive overview of C4ISR fundamentals, elucidating its integral role in modern military and security operations. Equally significant was the exploration of how leaders harness C4ISR methodologies to achieve mission objectives, emphasizing the strategic importance of informed decision-making and adaptive leadership practices.

Moreover, the seminar delved into the nuanced interplay between leadership and intelligence within the realm of C4ISR, underscoring the indispensable role of actionable intelligence in shaping operational outcomes. Additionally, the concept of network-centric leadership was meticulously analyzed, elucidating the transformative potential of collaborative leadership paradigms in optimizing C4ISR effectiveness.

In culmination, the seminar concluded with a ceremonial presentation of certificates of appreciation to the esteemed presenters of AI Global staff, symbolizing the collective appreciation for their invaluable contributions to advancing discourse on leadership and management in C4ISR. Through collaborative endeavors such as these, the seminar served as a platform for fostering knowledge exchange and cultivating insights critical to navigating the complexities of modern defense and security landscapes.

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