7th May 2024 -Malaysian Institute of Defence and Security (MiDAS) had the honour of hosting a distinguished delegation from the Strategic Studies Centre (SSC) at the National Defence Studies Institute (NDSI) in Thailand. 

The visit served as a platform for meaningful dialogue and knowledge exchange between the two institutions. The delegation, consisting of 48 officers and staff, engaged in a productive exchange of ideas and insights. Led by Maj Gen Nirut Duangpanya, Director of SSC, they paid a courtesy call to FAdm Dr. Tay Yap Leong, Senior Director of Comprehensive Security at MiDAS. This meeting fostered mutual respect and set the tone for productive discussions.

The program was meticulously coordinated by the Regional Affairs Centre, under the guidance of Col Dr. Samhasri bin Samah. The collaborative efforts of officers and members from the Administration and Finance Department ensured the success of the visit.

Insightful briefings formed a crucial part of the program. Mr. Kamarul Hafidzan bin Kamaruddin, Principal Assistant Secretary from the Policy and Strategic Planning Division at the Ministry of Defence Malaysia, provided an overview of Malaysia's Defence White Paper. His comprehensive presentation highlighted key strategic priorities. Cdr Harfeizal bin Abdul Hameed RMN, representing the Malaysian Armed Forces Headquarters – Defence Planning Division, shared valuable insights into the roles and tasks of the Malaysian Armed Forces. His expertise shed light on the organization's responsibilities and operational readiness.

Lt Col Sharil Izuan bin Oshaman, Assistant Director of Regional Affairs at MiDAS, eloquently introduced the institute's mission, vision, and ongoing initiatives. His engaging presentation emphasized the importance of regional security cooperation. The program included a dynamic question and answer session, allowing the visiting delegation to engage directly with MiDAS experts. Thought-provoking questions were met with thoughtful responses, enriching the exchange.

Symbolic gestures marked the occasion. The exchange of mementoes symbolized the enduring partnership between SSC, NDSI and MiDAS. These tokens of goodwill will serve as lasting reminders of the visit. Additionally, the delegation left their mark by signing the visit book, a tradition that signifies shared commitment to collaboration and friendship. The visit concluded with a photo session, capturing smiles, handshakes, and the spirit of cooperation. These photographs will find a place in the archives, preserving the memories of this significant occasion.

Looking ahead, this visit transcends diplomatic formalities, it is a catalyst for stronger cooperation between our nations. As we continue to engage in dialogue, share expertise, and build bridges, we contribute to peace, stability, and prosperity in our region.




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